Privacy policy

Description of personal data file

1. Controller

Tulikivi Corporation
Kuhnustantie 10
83900 JUUKA
tel. +358 (0)403 063 001

2. Person in charge of data file matters and/or contact person

Tulikivi Corporation’s customer service will respond to problems and feedback concerning the personal data file.

3. Name of personal data file

Tulikivi Corporation’s marketing register

4. Purpose of using the personal data

The personal data will be used for Tulikivi Corporation’s direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing, for opinion and market research, and for other personalised mailing of a comparable nature. The personal data will also be used for managing customer relationships, contacting customers and for statistical and service development purposes.

5. Data content of personal data file

The personal data file contains information on customers that is arranged as follows:
Name of person
Address and other contact details
Identifier information (password/user ID)
Information on company or organisation (the company or organisation represented by the person)
Information on interests
Authorisation information

6. Regular data sources for the personal data file

Personal data is collected in connection with participation in various competitions, draws etc., when registering for online services or otherwise directly from the data subject. Personal data may also be collected and updated from public data sources and from construction-related data files.

7. Regular disclosures of data

The controller will not disclose customers’ personal data to external parties. Data disclosed to Tulikivi Corporation’s subsidiaries and dealers in different countries is only the customer data for their own country in electronic form.

8. Erasing data

Data can be erased if the customer so requests.

9. Data file security principles

The personal data held remains confidential. Tulikivi Corporation’s information network and equipment in which the personal data file is located are protected by a firewall and by other technical means such as encryption.