Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Tulikivi’s webstore at www.tulikivishop.com. The owner and administrator for this webpage and Tulikivi’s webstore is the Finnish public company Tulikivi Oyj (business identity code 0350080-1) (hereinafter ”Tulikivi”). Tulikivi is the seller of the products on sale in its webstore (hereinafter the “products”).

The following conditions apply to transactions concluded via the internet between Tulikivi and its customers. The conditions in sections 1-10 apply to all of Tulikivi’s online sales. Furthermore, section 11 applies to sauna stoves and supplementary products and section 12’s conditions apply to the sale of interior stones. Tulikivi sells the products belonging to its range to private adult individuals as well as to businesses and organisations. A contract is created between the parties when Tulikivi has received the customer’s order via its webstore. After this the contract is binding on both parties. The customer will be sent a separate confirmation of its order to the email address provided.


1 Registration

1.1 When purchasing products from Tulikivi’s webstore the user can register as a customer of the webstore and create a customer account, which includes a user name and password. Customers who have already registered can sign in using their user name and password. Products can also be purchased from Tulikivi’s webstore without registering. In order that Tulikivi can observe its obligations under the contractual conditions, customers are, however, required in connection with their order, to confirm their name, email address, phone number and address. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of this information.

1.2 Customers are bound by these terms and conditions in relation to each order they make.

1.3 Tulikivi’s customers’ details are confidential. Tulikivi will not reveal customers’ personal details to outside parties. Customers’ details will only be revealed to companies belonging to the Tulikivi group or retail dealers and only to the extent permitted under the Finnish Personal Data Act. Data will not be transferred outside of Finland. Customers have, in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the right to check their details on the register. The register’s purpose is the maintenance and development of the shop-customer relationship. The information stored on the register is name, address, telephone number, purchase history and email address. Tulikivi’s customer service is responsible for the customer register, Tulikivi Oyj, Kuhnustantie 10, 83900 JUUKA, telephone number: 0403 063 001.


2 Prices

2.1 The relevant price is the price on Tulikivi’s webstore at www.tulikivishop.com at the time of ordering. Prices include the rate of value added tax in force at the time.

2.2 The prices for the products do not include freight and delivery costs which will be confirmed for the whole order before the order is confirmed.


3 Ordering

3.1 Ordering takes place online via the address www.tulikivishop.com.

3.2 Customers will be sent confirmation of their order to the email address provided. Any possible observations regarding the order confirmation are to be made within 12 hours of receipt of the order confirmation.

3.3 Tulikivi is not responsible for customers’ user name or password. If a customer forgets their user name or password they will need to register again. The customer is responsible for orders made with their user name and is under an obligation to store their user name and password carefully.

3.4 The customer is bound to inform Tulikivi immediately, if the customer has reason to suspect that an outside party has found out their password. In cases of suspected misuse, Tulikivi reserves the right to close a customer’s user name.


4 Payment conditions and methods

4.1 Products are to be paid for along with freight and delivery costs. Tulikivi’s webstore uses Paytrail Oyj’s payment service. Orders over 1000€ of value can be paid by invoice.

4.2 Card payments
Tulikivi accepts the following cards as payment methods: VISA, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Eurocard. Paytrail Oyj (business identification code 2122839-7) operates the payment brokering service in co-operation with the relevant credit institution. For card payments Paytrail Oyj will show up on the card bill as the receiver of the payment and will transfer the payment to the seller. Paytrail Oyj has a license with the payment institution.

4.3 Payment via an online bank
The payment brokering service in relation to payments via an online bank is provided by Paytrail Oyj in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. The customer makes the payment via their online bank. The current list of accepted online banks can be seen on the webpage’s order page.


5 Delivery time and methods

5.1 Tulikivi’s delivery time for products is around 1-4 weeks.

5.2 If the delivery time is significantly longer Tulikivi will strive to inform the customer of this without delay by email. The customer has the right to cancel goods which have been significantly delayed by email. Tulikivi reserves the right to cancel the order if the ordered product is sold out or there are other insurmountable difficulties in obtaining it.

5.3 Delivery: Product packages will be delivered by lorry, which is fitted with a back board crane. The products are unloaded in the immediate vicinity of the lorry. The customer is to ensure that road is wide enough and load-bearing and that the delivery vehicle will be able to reach its delivery destination without hindrance. If the circumstances require special tools at the point of delivery (for example a crane truck etc.) the costs for this are to be covered by the customer. It is for the customer to ensure that the customer or a representative on the customer’s behalf is present at the agreed time to accept, check and sign for the delivery. If the person accepting delivery of the goods is not there at the agreed delivery time and if the customer cannot be reached on the telephone number provided, the customer is to cover the costs caused by a new delivery. Tulikivi will not compensate customers for any costs caused by a delayed delivery.

5.4 Inspecting the delivery: The customer is to inspect the delivered goods for any damage caused by transportation. Any possible damage is to be noted on the delivery receipt. After signature of the delivery receipt the person accepting delivery is responsible for the goods. The seller should always be informed of transportation damage, which will inform the delivery company and factory. The damaged part is to be stored for inspection. Tulikivi will cover the cost of the delivery of replacement parts. The replacement part will be delivered using standard delivery equipment and routes and within a reasonable delivery time. If the damage or flaw is noticed later, this should be notified within a reasonable timeframe of when the customer noticed the damage. In order to ensure the quick resolution of any issues Tulikivi recommends that the customer reports the damage without delay after they notice it. The customer is to protect and store the goods in accordance with the instructions. In the interests of a quick installation we request that boxes of tiles are not opened but that merely the number of boxes is checked.

MOISTURE DAMAGES METAL PARTS, STOVE DOORS AND PLASTER. These parts are to be moved without delay to a dry place. The customer is responsible for protecting the products sufficiently and storing them in the delivery location.

5.5 If the delivery includes several products and their delivery times vary, the whole order will only be delivered when all the products in the order are ready for delivery. Deliveries made by post can, however, be split into two or more separate parts as the discretion of customer service. Postal charges will only be made in relation to the first part of any partial delivery.

5.6 These delivery conditions only apply to deliveries made to the continental areas of the member states of the European Union as well as to the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain (the “Delivery Area”). Tulikivi is not bound to make deliveries outside of the Delivery Area. If a customer wants a product to be delivered to outside of the Delivery Area they should first get in contact with customer service before placing the order. Based on this communication Tulikivi will consider whether the delivery is possible and whether it will entail further costs for the customer.

5.7 Delivery costs

Cost of shipping is determined by the delivery area the total weight of the order (kg). The prices are in euro (€), VAT included.

kg Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
0-2 24 30 64
2-5 43 53 89
5-10 47 57 97
10-15 50 63 104
15-20 54 68 111
20-25 58 73 118
25-30 61 78 125
30-35 65 83 134
35- 300 300 300


Area 1: United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria
Area 2: Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Area 3: Spain, Gibraltar, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal


6 The right to return

6.1 The right to return only applies to those customers who are consumers as defined under the directive on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts (97/7/EY, ”Distance Selling Directive”). Use of the right to return should be reported via the cancellation form or in another simple method within 14 days of receipt of the good. Use of the right to return can be reported by getting in contact with Tulikivi either via email using the address export@tulikivi.fi or by calling customer service on 0403 063 001.

6.2 The customer has the right to return ordered products, which are normally available, within 14 days of receipt of the good, provided that the product is unused and fit for resale. If the customer returns a good after use the customer is responsible for the good’s decrease in value. The customer is to return the returned good along the returns form on which the customer should note their name, contact details and order number. Tulikivi will return the price paid for the product to the bank account confirmed by the customer. The customer is to confirm, in connection with the return, the account number to which the purchase price should be refunded as well as the name of the bank.
6.3 Tulikivi will not accept the return of goods which have been assembled or partly assembled. When returning goods every effort should be made to use the original packaging in which the products were delivered. When returning products the customer is responsible for the appropriate packaging of the goods for the time of the delivery. The customer is under an obligation to compensate for damage caused to goods if they have not been packaged appropriately.

6.4 If the order concerns products which are being produced or altered at the customer’s request (for example, in accordance with measurements provided by the customer), the products cannot be returned, nor the order cancelled, once production of the products has started.

6.5 The customer is responsible for covering the costs of returning any goods to be returned. The cost will vary depending on the size and weight of the good.

The return address for fireplaces:
Tulikivi Oyj
Kuhnustantie 65 B
83900 JUUKA

The return address for sauna stoves:
Tulikivi Oyj
Rasiahontie 3
79700 Heinävesi

The return address for interior stones:
Tulikivi Oyj
Lautamiehentie 1
02770 Espoo


7 Complaints

7.1 If the wrong product is delivered to the customer or if the product is defective or damaged, the customer is to report this defect to Tulikivi within a reasonable timeframe after noticing the defect using the email address export@tulikivi.fi. In the interests of ensuring a quick resolution for defects Tulikivi recommends that the customer reports the defect without delay after noticing it. Compensation for the defective good will usually be made by delivery of a replacement good. The customer cannot demand rectification of the defect by the delivery of a new product if this would cause unreasonable costs. If the delivery of a new product is not possible, the defect can be rectified by a corresponding price reduction, or if the product’s defect is not minor, by cancelling the transaction.

7.2 Tulikivi is not responsible for defects or damage which have been caused by the owner not following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding assembly and use, neglect of maintenance or for placing the product in a place where the conditions are not in line with the recommendations. Tulikivi is only responsible for indirect or consequential damage if the damage has been caused by Tulikivi’s negligence.

7.3 Tulikivi is responsible for its performance obligations as set out in the Distance Selling Directive in relation to faulty products when the customer is a consumer as set out in the Distance Selling Directive.

8 Force majeure

8.1 Tulikivi does not bear responsibility if delivery of the order is prevented, rendered more difficult or delayed by circumstances outside of Tulikivi’s control such as war, natural disasters, export and import bans, official sanctions, general disruptions in transportation or energy distribution, industrial actions or any other matter which makes the actions of Tulikivi or its suppliers difficult or prevents them entirely.


9 Applicable law

9.1 Disputes and differences of opinion relating to this contract are to be resolved under Finnish law unless compulsorily applicable consumer protection law dictates otherwise.


10 Miscellaneous

10.1 Enquiries regarding orders, returns, deliveries and invoices are to be made by sending an email to export@tulikivi.fi.

10.2 For technical reasons the colour of the products shown in the picture may vary from the actual colour of the product. The actual colour of the product can be checked in store. The product picture may also show extra equipment (for example, sauna stones), which are not included in the order/delivery.

10.3 If the customer has any comments these are to be made by sending an email to export@tulikivi.fi or by writing to Tulikivi Oyj, Kuhnustantie 10, 83900 JUUKA.

Tulikivi Oyj
Kuhnustantie 10
83900 JUUKA
Customer service phone number: 0403 063 001
Email: export@tulikivi.fi
business identification code 0350080-1


11 Sauna stoves and supplementary products

The contractual conditions contained in this section 11 apply to the sale of sauna stoves and supplementary products. Included in the sale price are all the required parts for the assembly of the product in accordance with the assembly instructions. Sauna stoves and supplementary products are to be delivered in parts packed on pallets.

11.1 Assembly
The following points are to be observed when assembling products:
• In all plans the relevant building regulations and guidelines in force at the time are to be observed.
• One should not try to shortcut the safety distances for flammable building structures outlined in the assembly instructions for example by using protective plates which are not part of the sauna stove or insufficient protection.
• Fire safety regulations have been taken into consideration.
• The base for the wood-burning sauna stove and the chimney flue is strong enough and damp resistant, measurements are according to the instructions, absolutely straight and flat.
• The smoke flue is in accordance with building regulations and Tulikivi’s recommendations.
• The smoke flue connections have been completed according to Tulikivi’s recommendations.
• The parts of the products to be assembled have been carried indoors according to the instructions and have warmed up for the assembly.
• In winter it is recommended that parts are brought inside 2 days before assembly.
• The temperature at the place of assembly should be at least +10C.

Tulikivi observes in its operations consumer protection and the product liability acts in its market area. In addition to these Tulikivi grants a twenty four (24) month warranty in relation to products sold with the Tulikivi brand and a twelve (12) month warranty regarding spare parts sold separately. The warranty requires that the customer follows the manufacturers’ instructions regarding the products’ location, assembly, use and maintenance and use of the stove. If the location of the products changes after initial assembly the warranty is no longer valid.

The electronic sauna stove’s warranty requires that the stone place of a sauna stove used inside should be restacked during the warranty period at least once per year and that crumbled stones should be replaced. The use of ceramic sauna stones is forbidden! If these are used the warranty expires and Tulikivi does not bear any responsibility for damage caused by incorrect use. The warranty requires that the customer completes the electronic warranty card on Tulikivi’s homepage: www.tulikivi.com/www/owner. The warranty card is to be completed within three (3) months of delivery.

A replacement for a broken part of the sauna stove will be sent to the customer free of charge. The manufacturer and seller do not bear responsibility for costs caused by removal of the faulty part and the fitting of the replacement part. At the manufacturer’s request and cost the broken part is to be returned.

The warranty starts on the day of delivery. The instructions for use should be read carefully before use of the sauna stove.

11.3 The limits of the warranty
The customer should maintain the product carefully. The customer should check upon receipt that there has not been any damage caused by delivery or storage. Upon noticing damage this should be reported immediately in accordance with the conditions set out at section 10.3.

The warranty does not cover the products’ faults, operational errors or weaknesses, which have been caused by transportation or incorrect storage, failure to follow the manufacturers’ assembly or use instructions, neglect of maintenance or storage of the product in places not in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

The warranty does not cover colour variations normal to natural stones, natural variations in the stone resulting from its formation and minor hairline cracks which do not affect the sauna stove’s safety and operation. The warranty also does not include the surface colour changes which occur near the fire box in ceramic stoves. These kinds of features and the hairline cracks mentioned in the next paragraph are not regarded as product faults. The natural colour variations of stone tiles are not included under the quality warranty. The warranty also does not include damage caused by normal wear or misuse of the product or changes in the colour of the surfaces.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear or misuse. The warranty does not cover minor cracks in plaster surfaces, tile joints or interior parts of ceramic sauna stoves which do not affect the safety and operation of the sauna stove. The damage referred to above may be caused by overheating the sauna stove. The accepted dimensional tolerance for Kermansavi’s tiles which have been fired at a high temperature is +/- 4 mm. Differences in the sizes of the tiles and minor colour differences in the glazing of the tiles are typical of ceramic which has been fired at a high temperature. The natural colour variations in stone tiles are not included under the warranty. The tiles are always selected in natural light.

11.4 Reporting defects
Defects covered by the warranty are to be reported without delay once they become apparent and in any case within 14 days. The sauna stove is not to be used until the defect has been rectified. The warranty does not cover faults which are not reported to Tulikivi during Tulikivi’s warranty period. The sauna stove is not to be used until the default has been rectified. If the reported defect is not due to a Tulikivi product but rather, for example, assembly work or the user, the customer is to pay the unnecessary costs of a visit of a local maintenance company or sauna stove expert in accordance with an invoice sent by Tulikivi.

On the basis of a justified and proven warranty report the manufacturer may choose to repair or replace the faulty product. The repair or replacement will be at the manufacturer’s costs.

The replacement part will be given in accordance with section 12.2 a spare part warranty. The repaired product’s warranty will remain as before. If the faulty product is replaced by a totally new product then in accordance with section 12.2 the warranty period begins from the delivery day of the replacement product.

11.5 Technical advice
For advice regarding warranty matters you can contact our technical customer service by phone on 0403 063 005 or by email at tulikivi@tulikivi.fi.

11.6 Technical alterations
For reasons of technical product development Tulikivi reserves the right to make changes.

11.7 Further information
For questions relating to delivery, assembly and the warranty you can always get in contact with Tulikivi’s customer service.

A consumer customer has always, inter alia, compulsorily applicable rights under consumer protection and product liability legislation and the warranty does not limit these rights.


12 Special conditions relating to interior stones

Section 12’s contractual conditions apply to the sale of interior decoration stones.

12.1 Inspection upon receipt
The purchaser is under an obligation to inspect the delivery and to report any defects in the product to Tulikivi at the latest within five (5) days of receipt of delivery. Defects are in any case to be reported before installing the product. Transportation damage should be noted on the delivery receipt when accepting the delivery.

12.2 Faults in the goods
Material faults do not include natural stones own variation in colour, stripes, splotches or other corresponding matters which do not affect the safety of the product. Tulikivi has the right to repair at cost proven faults or to provide the customer with a new stone part. Tulikivi has the right to inspect product faults notified by the customer. For the purposes of Tulikivi’s inspection the customer should not touch the product after noticing the fault.

12.3 Technical advice
For advice you should contact our technical advice service workdesks on 0207 636 829 and for natural stone tiles on 0207 636 822 or by email: tulikivi@tulikivi.fi

These conditions are in force from 1.11.2014.