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‘Karelia à la carte’ is a book full of information about Karelian delicacies and the cultural landscape and unique cultural traditions of Karelia, and is in three languages: Finnish, English and Russian.

Karelian culinary traditions have become so widely known that today you can enjoy traditional Karelian oven-baked dishes and other delights throughout Finland. Karelia is known for its hospitality and good food. Karelian culinary traditions focus especially on pasties, pies and versatile use of the oven. A bakeoven is at the heart of a Karelian home, and most of these dishes are still made in such ovens today. First the oven is used to bake thin-crust pasties and flat bread. Then the temperature is allowed to fall a little so that bread and the traditional kukko pies can be baked. Finally, porridge, joints of meat and casseroles are slow cooked in the residual heat.

In addition to its use for cooking purposes, the oven also heats the room. Various game dishes are also popular in Karelia. The region is known for its great forests and lakes. Food hunted or caught yourself and grown or produced locally is valued immensely. Dishes are frequently prepared respecting traditions, but new applications are also constantly being developed. How do these sound: sturgeon blinis, biestings brûleé or perhaps blueberry rye cake?

The book also features lots of lesser known traditional Karelian specialities and, of course, an authentic recipe for Karelian pasties or pies. Karelia à la carte presents Karelia’s unique traditional cuisine as well as new gastronomic delights from the region that are guaranteed to hit the spot. Karelia has so much to offer that is traditional and different, making it difficult to choose. Why not try everything that Karelian cuisine and hospitality have to offer.

Size: 260x260mm, 96 pages

ISBN 978-9525-913-01-9

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