Travertine mosaics


Travertine mosaics are a compliant material for builders

Travertine mosaics are an excellent material for floors and walls and other interior home surfaces. They are also very easy to use for the curving shapes of fountains and bathtubs and for surfacing columns. Travertine mosaics have a polished matt surface.

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Product no.: TK-3042410TM

Tile size 10x305x305mm, piece size 15x32mm

245.00 / m² *
Delivery weight: 27 kg
Product no.: TK-3041310N

Tile 10x300x300mm, piece size 98x98mm. Delivery in whole boxes. 0,9 m2/box, 10 pcs/box.

245.00 / m² *
Delivery weight: 27 kg
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery